Joanne (Lisa's sister),

Apart from the day we were told Lisa had been taken from us, this is the hardest day of our lives. (28th Feb, Lisas's one year anniversary). We feel destroyed by the fact that we havent had Lisa back. Please please tell us where she is.

Poor ciara and Ryan miss their Leesie so much- they have both cried their wee hearts out the past few days. To the women around these men responsible-think about who you want to have in your life- murderers? people who will kill women for no reason? You can be better than that. Please be strong and tell us what you know- dont protect these scum anymore because one day this could be you. To Lisa- i miss you deeply- my life has a massive void in it that you once filled- i miss hearing you laugh and seeing you smile and just want to give you a hug- my big sis- i love you more than words can say. Please watch over us and keep giving us the strength you have for the last year. I promise i will never give up on finding you. I am so sorry that you trusted the wrong people. Love you with all my heart,

God always picks the best, love from jo-jo xoxoxoxoxoxox